The New Xbox Series X Controller Color Is Quite The Head Turner

The New Xbox Series X Controller Color Is Quite The Head Turner

Microsoft is doing its thing and releasing another new color of the Xbox Series X wireless controller, this time called Aqua Shift. As the name should imply, the controller takes on a bright blue hue and for added effect, Microsoft designed it with an almost shimmery style that gives it a slight glow.

Not glow in the dark, mind you, but an overall brighter, more vibrant style. You’ll also notice some pretty big differences between the Aqua Shift color of the Xbox controller and the Shock Blue model. As the Shock Blue model is matte, while the Aqua Shift comes with more of a sheen.

The Aqua Shift Xbox Controller is an SE model, which means a higher price

Not too unlike the Daystrike Camo, the Aqua Shift controller will retail for a little bit more. The standard black and white colors of the Xbox Series X controller retail for $60. This price even includes some of the color options.

But Aqua Shift will retail for $70. Though Microsoft will no doubt put it on sale after it’s been out for a little while. Speaking of releases, the Aqua Shift controller is not yet available, but you can pre-order it. Microsoft says it will launch on August 31. And although these won’t necessarily be super limited, pre-ordering may not be a bad idea if you really like the color and want to ensure you get one.

In addition to the shimmery blue plastic, the controller also features a unique design on the side grips. A wavy blue that almost look like waves when rays of sunlight hit them. But, that’s not all.

The side grips are also rubberized. A feature that is apparently a first for the Xbox Series X controller. While the new controller has always had textured side grips, they’ve all been plastic. And the rubberized material is likely to help with people whose hands perspire a little more during gameplay.

Giving you a better overall grip of the controller, which would ultimately make it more enjoyable and comfortable to use. If you want to pre-order the controller, you can pick it up directly from Microsoft, as well as at retail partners like Amazon and Best Buy.

Xbox Series X Controller – Aqua Shift

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