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Foxconn’s Shenzhen iPhone operations are ‘basically’ back to normal following COVID-19 lockdown

Foxconn’s Shenzhen operations are said to be “basically” back to normal after the company had to close two facilities amid a local COVID-19 lockdown.

Nikkei Asia reports that Foxconn’s own statement says that it has “basically resumed normal work order and production operations” following last week’s COVID-19 lockdown.

Foxconn had already put the wheels in motion to try to motivate the local lockdown situation last week. After initially being told to close two Shenzhen facilities the company arranged for staff members to live and work in a bubble, preventing the possibility of contamination. The local government is fighting a new COVID-19 outbreak in the area and initially told non-essential businesses to close completely. The lockdown was planned to end yesterday, March 20.

However, while Foxconn is responsible for building Apple’s iPhones, only a small percentage of that work happens in Shenzhen, the report notes.

Only a small part of Foxconn’s production for Apple’s iPhone in China takes place in the southern city of Shenzhen, with the majority happening in Zhengzhou in the central province of Henan, sources have previously said.

There were initial concerns that the Foxconn issues could impact the launch of Apple’s iPhone SE and iPad Air, while the company was reportedly working to move some production capacity away from the impacted city.

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